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"A perfect blend of adventure and service. Whether you ride regularly or not, this adventure is fantastic! Beautiful, well trained horses, great support from a large and talented team of outfitters, amazing terrain, villages and experiences.

This ride through some of the most remote areas of the Indian desert allowed me to interact with and help over 1600 children and adults and gave me hundreds of memories.

I have taken adventure trips before but this is, by far, the most amazing experience I have ever had."

Dian Sourelis, Relief Rider

"What a profound and uplifting journey!

Relief Riders International has crafted the perfect travel adventure.

A rich sense of purpose, a humanitarian mission delivering goats to impoverished villagers, school supplies to hundreds of students, participating in dental and medical camps - it was awesome!"

Peg Steley, Relief Rider



Each year, since 2004, Relief Riders International has run two or three small group trips giving a limited number of travelers the opportunity to experience riding in some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet while bringing much needed humanitarian relief to remote communities. If you are not interested in riding you may still be able to join us - read more about our Camel Caravans.

Each itinerary provides a unique blend of hands-on provision of humanitarian aid to local people, riding though stunning terrain and immersion into the local culture. Trips last for 13-15 days and include no more than 12 riders. This epic Relief Ride will have us ride through the breathtaking dune landscapes of the Bikaner region of northwestern Rajasthan. Follow the links below for our current itineraries.

7-16 November, 2024 Pushkar Relief Ride:  November 2024

Journey with us on horseback next November to the world's largest horse and camel fair. This 10-day journey on horseback will take us through the ancient landscape of the Thar Desert, from the ancient settlement of Baghsara to the sacred village of Pushkar, ending at the famous Pushkar Fair.

Like the desert nomads of the region, we'll ride due south, traveling seemingly endless sand tracks through breathtaking terrain, from rolling dunes to open plains and a mountain pass through a steep gorge, before arriving in the valley of Pushkar. On the way we'll pass through villages, which travelers rarely experience, let alone on horseback. We'll sleep under the starlit sky in canvas-covered tents, and during the days, we'll hand out educational materials to underserved schools, conduct our Give A Goat program, and set up medical camps, which provide dental, eye, and obstetrics care to populations lacking healthcare.

In Pushkar, on the banks of the lake, Rajasthan's largest camel fair awaits. One of the most sacred pilgrimage destinations for Hindus in India, the usually sleepy Pushkar transforms into a spectacle of color and celebration around November's full moon with livestock traders descending to buy and sell camels, cattle, and horses. But the real fun begins when the games kick off. Think camels brightly adorned in costume racing to the finish line, the drama of only the finest Marwari horses dancing, the infamous longest mustache competition, and the Hindu bridal pageant. All in all, the perfect end to a memorable and transformative experience.

NOV 7TH - NOV 16TH, 2023 (click for details)

12-22 February, 2025 Khimsar Relief Ride:

Join us on an extraordinary ride that has us depart from the village of Baghsara in the Thar desert, which provided refuge in olden days to pilgrims and traders on the silk route.

The landscape that we travel through on this particular ride is the most varied of all our itineraries. We will ride through rolling hills with rocky outcroppings for a day, to a vast desert plain where nomadic tribes herd hundreds of camels to more fertile grazing. The region is populated by the Bishnois, a vegan and animal loving tribe, whose strict no hunting laws have, over centuries, created a beautiful anomaly in which all animals roam fearlessly in the desert.

As with all of our Relief Rides, you will be instrumental in offering the greatest gift to those in need, such as regaining their eyesight, their ability to chew food, and by providing tools and sporting equipment that will inspire children into finishing their education. The ride culminates at a magical desert oasis camp in Khimsar.

FEB 12TH - FEB 22ND, 2023 (click for details)

Bespoke Humanitarian Motorcycle Relief Rides through the Thar desert of Rajasthan

Join us on an incredible journey as we ride India's legendary Royal Enfield Motorcycles across the Thar desert of Rajasthan. This magnificent expedition weaves our signature brand of adventure and humanitarian work on an awe inspiring 1800 km road trip that spans most of the length and breathe of the land of the Maharajas. Riding through the Aravelli hills into the Thar desert, from stunning serpentine hill climbs to single lane rural desert roads, and staying in remarkable ancient forts and tented camps.

As if all this fun was not enough, we also have the opportunity to give back with our free eye and dental camp near Pushkar and our well dig and bathroom build at a poor school in Ajeetgarh. This purposeful adventure promises to be an experience of a lifetime!