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Camel Caravans

If you are not interested in riding you may still have the rare opportunity to join us on a Relief Ride.

Travelers can now dynamically immerse themselves in a new culture through breathtaking landscapes while traveling on our comfortably outfitted camel carts in the Relief Ride caravan.

The camel caravan consisting of an English speaking guide and 2-5 travelers on 2-3 camel carts will embark on a 15 day journey to 5 remote villages in rural Rajasthan. With the exception of a nights stay at a comfortable hotel in Delhi, 2-3 nights in forts, and a night in a haveli (a traditional Rajput villa), our accommodations will consist of tented encampments set up by our support team along the journey route.

The subtle pace of our Camel Caravan allows for spontaneous visits in rural villages, and the possibility of a refreshing cup of Chai with village elders or meeting with nomadic Rebari tribes herding their livestock through the desert. Travelers can expect to journey 20-30 miles or roughly 4-6 hours at a comfortable camel carts pace on our scheduled travel days (every other day while in the desert).

Some of our riders prefer the pace of the camel caravan and may ride alongside the caravan. Both riders and camel caravan travelers will follow the same route and travel as a caravan at times except when the terrain demands that we separate for a while.

While the entire group will always get together for dinner and overnight at the same campsites or forts, a few of the daily itineraries may require the camel camel caravanscaravan travelers to leave earlier, arrive later and possibly break for lunch at a different place.

We have designed our 15-day Rajasthan relief adventure to create meaningful interactions between our travelers and local residents. At the beginning of the journey all participants, based on their life experience and skills, will be assigned certain responsibilities including: helping to organize the caravan, volunteering with the medical team, and helping to facilitate the distribution of the supplies and goats. Both Camel caravan travelers and riders will work together on all of our humanitarian programs and be a part of all cultural activities and events. In addition to our Relief Rider crew, we will have a support vehicle carrying a doctor who will accompany our ride on a parallel itinerary.

TRIP COST: $6400* per Camel Cart traveler (* Pricing is based on an intimate group of no more than 12. Prices will vary based on number of participants.)


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