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Make a Donation to Support our Humanitarian Programs

Give the Gift of Sight
Donate $85 to provide a free cataract surgery to someone in Rajasthan

Give a Goat
Donate $100 to provide a free goat to a family in Rajasthan

If you are unable to join us on a Relief Ride this year please consider making a donation to help us provide much needed aid to those in Rajasthan and Cappadocia.

Your support will help us to provide medications, cataract surgery, emergency dental care, educational supplies, de-worming pills, playgrounds and goats to families who really need these basic items.

Please specify which program you would like to support by writing it on your check.

To make a US tax-deductible donation to support the work of Relief Riders International please send a check, payable to Documentary Resources International, to:

Relief Riders International
P.O. Box 615
Great Barrington, MA, 12030

Please contact our office to make a donation: