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Medical Relief

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Donate $85 to provide a free cataract surgery to someone in Rajasthan

Join us on a Relief Ride and help provide medical care to people in need

In an average Indian mobile medical camp day, Relief Riders will help local doctors treat about 600 local people.

Since its inaugural Relief Ride in 2004 RRI has treated over 18,700 people, 67% of them were children.

Most people who attend an RRI Medical Camp have never been treated by a doctor. RRI's Medical Camps are designed to allow Relief Riders with no previous medical experience to fully participate in assisting our team of Indian medical professionals providing essential medical treatments.

RRI addresses medical issues most needing attention in poor rural populations. The mobile medical camps are set up on the desert along the route of the Relief Ride and are staffed by opthamologists, Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, Pediatricians, Gynecologists and general physicians. On average the Relief Ride team treat about 600 people per day for a variety of diseases including upper respiratory ailments skin diseases, bactertial or viral infections and gynecological issues.