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Medical Care in the Andes and the Amazon

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In an average Indian mobile medical camp day, Relief Riders will help local doctors treat about 600 local people.

Since its inaugural Relief Ride in 2004 RRI has treated over 18,700 people, 67% of them were children.

Working in conjunction with the Ecuadorian Red Cross we will perform a two day medical camp, offering dentistry and eye care treatments to the village of Piñan.

The people of Piñan only receive one day of general medical care a year from the government. In addition, we are also in development for a CPR/Emergency Medical Training program that will train two individuals with the ability to offer immediate emergency care, as the nearest medical facility is 4 hours away only accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicles.

After our visit in Piñan, we will ride down the mountain and travel to the Amazon, where we will immerse ourselves for five days with the Sapara people, an indigenous tribe living in the Amazon. Our medical program will be similar to the one performed in Piñan and will take place during two of the five days of our visit, offering Dentistry and Obstetrics screenings and treatments for the 130 people living in Llamchamacocha.