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Dental Care

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Join us on a Relief Ride and help provide emergency dental care


In India there is one qualified dentist for every 90,000 people.


75% of these dentists live in urban areas


In a one-day desert Dental Camp Relief Riders will treat between 200 and 400 people.

In all the regions served by RRI, dental care is an extremely rare resource. Many who benefit from the RRI Dental Camps have either never had any dental care or currently have no access to it. The RRI dental team is outfitted to travel into remote locations as many rural residents are unable to travel to cities to find a dentist.

Emergency dental care can drastically change the daily experience of dental ailments or disease and in some cases even save lives. As with all the other RRI humanitarian programs the Dental Camps are designed to allow Relief Riders to fully engage in the experience.

In the US, on average, there is one qualified dentist for every 1,500 people. In India there is one qualified dentist for every 90,000 people and 75% of these dentists are in urban areas. This makes living with a toothache a daily and dangerous situation for most people in rural Rajasthan.

The World Health Organization states that Rajasthan has the highest rates of Oral Sub-mucus Fibrosis in India. This pre-malignant condition, from chewing tobacco and the local beetle nut, starts with reduced cheek elasticity and advances to jaw rigidity to the point where the patient can no longer open their mouth enough to eat.