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Year Round Programs

Since 2004 Relied Riders International has been providing medical, educational and food aid on our Relief Rides that have taken place three times a year between November and March. In 2012, for the first time we were able to provide year round sustainable humanitarian programs designed especially for the communities we serve all year long.

It is through our strong partnership with Anubhooti Society, that we are able to provide year round support to the communities we are serving. Anubhooti Society, an NGO founded by Dr. Mahesh Arora, (RRI's Executive Medical Director) whose mission is to serve vulnerable people from underprivileged sections of society without any discrimination.


Early Childhood Care Program

One in fifteen children under the age of five in India, die due to preventable conditions due to lack of basic healthcare. Underprivileged children in India do not have access to the basic medical care other take for granted. Uneducated mothers are usually left to deal with emergencies or conditions that may become fatal without medical intervention.

The RRI and Anubhooti Society Early Childhood Care Program now offers life saving medical care to 200 pregnant women and disadvantaged children under the age of 6 in slums of Jaipur each year. Twice a month we organize medical camps with a team of qualified doctors to assess the health of children and pregnant women. We provide medicines to children and lifesaving health education sessions to mothers. Those suffering from malnutrition (about 46% of children in India) are given food to sustain them. Children requiring specialized treatment are given referrals and assisted in getting to their appointments.



Young Women's Empowerment Program

The International Labor Organisation states that women consist of 50% of the world' population, yet only 30% of them participate in the labor force, perform 60% of all working hours, and receive only 10% of the world's income. Subsequently, globally women own about 1% of the world's property. According to The World Bank women make up less than 35% of the Indian workforce, a figure that has remained stubbornly stagnant for over 3 decades now. Although 90% of women in India aspire to work they are held back by traditional gender roles and large pay disparities. A woman's wages in India tend to be 56% of any man performing the same job. The majority of women in the Indian workforce are employed in farm-based labour – only 18% of urban women are employed as compared to 73% of men.

Relief Riders International chose to focus on underprivileged young women in Rajasthan's urban slums. The Young Women's Empowerment Program offers vocational training to support and empower disadvantaged adolescent girls and young women from the slums of Jaipur city in Rajasthan. The vocational training centre is equipped with sewing machines and a trainer so that these young women can learn, at no cost to them, a useful skill that will enable them to support themselves.


Urban Dental Camps

RRI has been performing highly successful rural Dental Camps over the last four years on our Relief Rides. We recently acquired a new dental chair allowing us to now provide more extensive dental treatments while on our Relief Rides, as well dental camps in slum areas of Jaipur through out the year. Almost all of the people we serve in this urban dental camp have never before been treated by a dentist and would have no other way of accessing dental treatment.