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May 12th, 2013

Dear Friends-

Our maiden Pushkar Relief Ride was marked with success as we rode on a breathtaking itinerary from the ancient 16th century Khimsar Fort, perched on the edge of the Thar desert to the world's largest gathering of Marwari horses and camels.

Riding through rural Rajasthan during India's most reverent and auspicious lunar period made for a spiritually charged and festive ambience with vibrant and serendipitous meetings all along the way to the Pushkar Fair.

Serendipitous tribal meetings and developing a new pediatric program

Nomadic Rebari tribal members herding their
camels to the Pushkar Fair.
Upon hearing of the work we were performing in the schools, a group of nomadic tribal elders came to our camp, and performed a traditional Puja (Blessing) ceremony for all of our riders. A generous and remarkable experience it was for all of us.

We were able to visit 6 schools and offer 1200 children vitamins, educational materials, and lessons in hand washing, a life saving measure for children in rural Rajasthan.

One of the positive changes that we saw on the ride was a new pilot program initiated by the Indian government, re-starting their pre-existing de-worming program that had lapsed for more than 10 years. RRI has provided
de-worming medication to over 20,000 children in Rajasthan during this 10 year period.

Given the possible obsolescence of our de-worming program, Dr. Arora and I are currently in development of a new program that would provide hearing aids to children suffering from hearing loss in the rural areas of Rajasthan.

Women waiting to be driven to the Kshetrapal Eye Hospital in Ajmer, Rajastan.

Free eye and Dental camp update in Alniyawas, Rajasthan

Our free eye and dental camp was met with equal success, screening a total of 351 patients. Offering the 25 patients who qualified free eye surgeries, and treating 86 patients for eye ailments. Our dental team provided treatments consisting of root canals, fillings, extractions, minor dental surgeries and scalings for a 141 patients.

Life at the Fair

Our experiences at the Pushkar Fair on horseback and off were an electric mix of colorful spiritual celebrations, fiery equestrian competitions and auctions, unique and traditional performances highlighting Rajasthani culture. A memorable cultural and sensory experience. One that only India can offer you.

Maharaja Guj Singh of Jodhpur with one of the prize winning horses at the Pushkar Fair. November 2012

Join us on what promises to be a fantastic journey through the Desert of Rajasthan to the Pushkar fair.

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Hope you enjoy the pictures below of the people we met, and the places we visited while on our ride to the fair. Wishing all of you a warm and productive spring.


Alexander Souri

"Consider yourself miraculous" -- Anonymous

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