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Social Entrepreneur Scholarship

Relief Riders International is proud to launch a new scholarship fund, the Social Entrepreneur Voluntourism Scholarship. It's always been our mission to not only do our part in giving back, but to also support others who are working hard to make a difference in the world around us. This scholarship allows us to accomplish this mission in a whole new way.

What are Social Entrepreneurs and "voluntourism"?

Social Entrepreneurs use the principles of entrepreneurship to achieve social change. Running the venture as a business, success is measured by positive returns to society. Social ventures may be structured as either for-profit or non-profits entities and typically focus on social, cultural and environmental goals. Voluntourism is tourism that combines some form of volunteer work or giving back to the communities visited.

What is the Relief Riders Social Entrepreneur Scholarship?

The Relief Riders Social Entrepreneur Voluntourism Scholarship is a fund dedicated to supporting the education and empowerment of young social entrepreneurs to help them be better able to create viable voluntourism businesses where the bottom line goes well beyond material profit.

How does it work?

The Relief Riders Social Entrepreneur Voluntourism Scholarship Fund provides a unique, experiential, educational opportunity. Recipients are invited to join a Relief Ride and learn firsthand what it takes to start a voluntourism venture.

This complementary participation in a Relief Ride in Rajasthan, India allows the recipient to:

  • Experience the entire Relief Ride (note: ability to ride a horse is not a requirement)
  • Be directly involved in the set-up of humanitarian programs
  • Be directly involved in communications with the local village authorities
  • Be directly involved in guest management
  • Spend time with other voluntourists and find out what drives them
Who can apply?

Application is open to people from any country who consider themselves to be a social entrepreneur and believe they can use this experience to further their own venture.

Specifically, applicants must:

  • Be aged 21 to 40 at the time of application
  • Be able to communicate fully in English
  • Complete the application form detailing their own voluntourism project
How to Apply

We are not currently accepting applications for the Social Entrepreneur Scholarship. if you are interested in applying for a future competition please make sure you are on our newsletter list.

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Previous Recipients

2012-2013 Kristie MacLean